Call Completion Trouble
Incident Report for CallRail
10:45a EDT: We have noticed a drop of call completion rates with one of our upstream providers and are currently investigating the issue. This seems to be affecting a subset of customers. We are working with that provider to determine the extent of the problem and expedite a resolution. Customers experiencing problems are asked to email with a list of affected numbers so that our team can troubleshoot as quickly as possible. Updates will be posted here as we learn more.

11:20a EDT: Our carrier has acknowledged an issue further upstream that is affecting a large portion of incoming calls to toll free numbers as well as a portion of local numbers. This is a top priority issue for all of us involved, and we are working on a resolution as quickly as possible.

11:35a EDT: Our carrier is indicating a partial recovery. Still working for a full resolution.

11:45a EDT: Our carrier is reporting full restoration of service. Our internal metrics indicate that call completion rates has returned to normal levels. We will continue to monitor for additional issues.

12:00p EDT: This outage was eventually acknowledged by three different upstream carrier partners, and appears to be caused by an outage at a major US backbone carrier. It affected call completion rates nationwide for a wide array of carriers, call tracking providers, and end users.
Posted over 1 year ago. Oct 04, 2016 - 12:00 EDT